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A pipe from the one of oldest Germany artisans with the dramatic and very interesting life story. Born in 1943 in Bohemia (now Czech Republic) Karlheinz Joura grew up in Rostock, Eastern Germany, and became a famous atlethe and fantastic diver, he competed in many word diving competinions. But at the age of 19 Joura fled to West Germany. It was really a dramatic escape, you may read about that in detail at

Karlheinz found work teaching physical education at a school in Bremen and begun making pipes in the early 1970s, since mid-80s he wholeheartedly devoted himself to pipes. He produced only a few hundreds pipes a year, but they were absolutely unbeatable: the finest briar, smooth straight grain, perfect engineering. Karlheinz was perhaps the first German pipe maker started to carve freehands and Danish-style pipes. Therefore his pipes are so valuable now.

Depending on the briar used pipes were stamped with a star (Corsican), a tobacco plant (Sardinian) or a leaf (from Southern France). Grading (ascending): 8, 9, A, Infinity series – from A to E. So this pipe is made of French briar.

Pipe markings “JOURA”
Length 12.3 cm (4.45″)
Bowl Height 5.6 cm (0.9″)
Outside Diameter 4.2 cm (0.9″)
Chamber Diameter 2.1 cm (0.55″)
Chamber Depth 4.6 cm (0.75″)
Weight 48 gr.
Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

The pipe was accurately smoked, it has been thoroughly cleaned, polished, sanitized and now is ready for a new life. It’s difficult to find any fault on this pipe, we may only remark that you may feel the junction between the stem and the shank with fingers, but of course we preferred to save the pipe’s original shape and finish.

The pipe is currently not for sale.

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