POUL STANWELL Collection 182

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Denmark Poul Stanwell Collection pipes are a line made for the filter pipe market named after Poul Nielsen who started Stanwell in Denmark in 1942. The pipe is not for sale. It’s an example of the restemming made for an … Continued

PIPE-DAN 250 unsmoked

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Denmark, 1970 Fantastic finding! An unsmoked freehand (“free form”) Pipe-Dan pipe made in 1970! The Pipe-Dan (Pibe-Dan) shop was opened in 1943 by H. Dan-Christensen and until 1991 there were offered pipes from leading Danish carvers such as Hans Hartmann, … Continued

Made in Denmark

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Denmark We haven’t identified the maker of this pipe, but regardless that it’s a really impressive Danish pipe, made of good piece of briar, skillfully carved, shaped and drilled, with the remarkable distinct straight grain. Recommended!


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Denmark, 1960-70s Peter Brakner was born as Peter Micklson, but later changed this name to Brakner, most probably just for marketing purposes. The young carver got an excellent professional school, he began at the Teofil Suhr workshop in Copenhagen led … Continued


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Denmark A relatively young and moderately smoked Nording pipe of the quite high grade. There were different grading system applied over the years, but 1 is always the highest grade (currently the freehand grades go from 1 thru 5 and … Continued

PREBEN HOLM Hand Cut (3)

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Denmark, 1960s A creature of young Preben Holm carved in the late 1960s, when his pipes were stamped with with the “Preben Holm” name and such grade numbers in a circle. At that time the artisan was not elder than … Continued