All pipes are born free! 🙂

… and then they got to an owner who uses them as he can: a rule with care and love. There are exceptions of the manner of usage, but we’d better keep silent 🙁

Come rain or shine – we do our best to return pipes their former glory and make them as much fresh, shining and ready to smoke as they were at the beginning of their life. In the restoration process we put our best efforts to clean a pipe with the taste- and smell-free alcohol and professional cleaning means, ream the chamber till bare wood and cover it with an active charcoal based bowl coat in case of a need, remove or patch scratches, chips, teeth marks, refresh staining if necessary, buff, wax and polish once again.

Definitely, it may not be that easy for a masterpiece with decades of biography and sometimes the result of a restoration is very good yet not ideal. That is why we have to put up with the existence of some minor drawbacks such as wears, darkening and slight roughness and scratches inside a chamber or inessential shape asymmetry of a bowl, a chamber or a stem. Other possible shortcomings – if any – will be available on our pictures or described in detail separately.

Therefore please look through all pictures, they are the part of our description and we always do our best to give you the most clear and realistic view. We don’t photoshop our pictures to let you see even the smallest dots, motes and roughness’s. Please note that the real color may be slightly different from what it appears to be on your screen: this may depend on your screen’s settings.

Please don’t forget also to pay your attention to provided approximate (plus-minus 1-2 mm) dimensions. For your convenience we use both cm and inches in our listings to make sure our buyer will receive a pipe of the desired size and weight.