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USA, 1940-50s This is one of the “old style” Kaywoodie Hand Made pipes produced between 1946 and 1955, possibly even earlier in the 1940s. All the details on the pipe confirm that it is an ancient and valuable historical rarity: … Continued

KAYWOODIE Prime Grain 22

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USA, 1950-70s A very good Kaywoodie product made in the 1950-70s (1958-76 according to experts), old traditional shape (Nr. 22), good, almost perfect briar, moderately smoked.


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USA, 1950-70s An unique Kaywoodie pipe made between 1956 and 1976 according to Kaywoodie experts, really eye-catching finish! Recommended!


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USA, 1950-70s A nice Kaywoodie apple shaped pipe made between 1956 and 1972 according to Kaywoodie experts.

KAYWOODIE Super Grain 29

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USA, 1930-50s Kaywoodie pipes are well known and respected as relatively inexpensive, reliable and collectable smokers, it’s perhaps the most collectable and well explored American pipe brand: each small detail can tell something significant about the pipe’s age and history. … Continued

KAYWOODIE Relief Grain 149R

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USA, 1960-70s A quite moderately smoked legendary American Kaywoodie pipe made approximately in the 1960-70s. The pipe didn’t require too much efforts, it was rather a light cleanup than a restoration. Sincerely recommended for admirers of capacious chambers and American … Continued

KBB Langley

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USA, 1920-30s One of the greatest USA makers, KBB (Kaufman Brothers & Bondy), has been making pipes since middle of the XIX century. The company took a fantastic chance in the “gold fever” years, when started to distribute pipes in … Continued