KAYWOODIE Prime Grain 22

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USA, 1950-70s A very good Kaywoodie product made in the 1950-70s (1958-76 according to experts), old traditional shape (Nr. 22), good, almost perfect briar, moderately smoked.


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USA, 1950-70s An unique Kaywoodie pipe made between 1956 and 1976 according to Kaywoodie experts, really eye-catching finish! Recommended!


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USA, 1950-70s A nice Kaywoodie apple shaped pipe made between 1956 and 1972 according to Kaywoodie experts.

KAYWOODIE Super Grain 29

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USA, 1930-50s Kaywoodie pipes are well known and respected as relatively inexpensive, reliable and collectable smokers, it’s perhaps the most collectable and well explored American pipe brand: each small detail can tell something significant about the pipe’s age and history. … Continued

KAYWOODIE Relief Grain 149R

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USA, 1960-70s A quite moderately smoked legendary American Kaywoodie pipe made approximately in the 1960-70s. The pipe didn’t require too much efforts, it was rather a light cleanup than a restoration. Sincerely recommended for admirers of capacious chambers and American … Continued

KBB Langley

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USA, 1920-30s One of the greatest USA makers, KBB (Kaufman Brothers & Bondy), has been making pipes since middle of the XIX century. The company took a fantastic chance in the “gold fever” years, when started to distribute pipes in … Continued

KAYWOODIE Ruf-Tone unsmoked

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USA A very impressive unsmoked pipe of a very rare series made by the one of the largest USA pipe manufacturers (currently acquired by S. M. Frank & Co. Inc.). There’s no shape number therefore we’re unable to say for … Continued