It’s of course not a tobacconist shop.

And not a “buy & resell” business.

And not a repair service. Though an old good customer always deserve a help if something happens to any of his pipes.

The basic principle: we work with pipes which are subjectively interesting. Which exactly pipes in terms of manufacturers, artisans and periods – you may see in our “Pipeline”: there is a wide range from nonpareil Lane Charatan’s and Preben Holm freehands till comfortable and inexpensive American devices from the past century.

The main idea: every pipe  is considered as a “functional piece of art” (Elliot Nachwalter). And every pipe deserves to return its former glory. Frequently it becomes a subject of a separate historical investigation. And for sure it has right to begin its new life in a new cozy home.

Our geography

One of the most pleasant and inspiring moments — communication with visitors and customers from around the World, sometimes from absolutely exotic corners of our planet which we might had a very approximate idea about.

Today our pipes live in 44 countries.