GBD Prodigy Straight Grain

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England, 1960-70s A very high grade GBD pipe marked both “Prodigy” and “Straight grain” made approximately between the late 1960s and late 1970s most probably by Horry Jamieson (ex Barling carver), who was experienced in freehand design and created many … Continued

GBD Popular 397

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England, 1950s The history of the English pipe making, condition of the pipe and the sort of briar hint this pipe was made before the 1960s: the deep distinct sandblasted surface reminds Dunhill Tanshell and Shell pipes made within the … Continued

GBD Dr. Plumb’s two pipe bag

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England The pipe bag can comfortably accommodate 2 pipes, necessary accessories and tobacco itself in separate pockets. The bag has normal used condition not excluding some surface wear, but without any identified major issues. Approximate dimensions 19 x 10 cm … Continued

GBD City de Luxe 9438

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England, 1930-70s “The present invention has for its object to remove or minimise the above mentioned objection and inconvenience by preventing or arresting such puncturing of the mouthpiece and, to this end, consists in providing the mouthpiece with an insertion … Continued

GBD Flame Grain 2871

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England, 1950-70s The grain is really remarkable! And the pipe itself comes from the very collectible and respected GBD period – it was made during the “Pre-Cadogan” times, before merge with Comoys is 1980. So there we have for you … Continued

GBD Garland II 9552

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England 1980-90s A very stylish GBD pipe made not such a long time ago – approximately in the 1980s. Nevertheless the original shape (named most frequently a “Calabash” or a “Bell”) is strongly reminescent of old good English calabash pipes. … Continued

GBD City De Luxe 5071

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England, 1950-70s GBD was perhaps the most fruitful and creative English company in terms of shapes, models and sub-brands. Nevertheless the “City de Luxe” line with the effective 5-angle star can’t be confused with anything else! The pipe from the … Continued

GBD Virgin Collector 9589

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England, 1950-70s One of the top graded GBD pipes. The Virgin series followed their famous Pedigree, Prodigy and Straight Grain grades. The pipe was made in 1970s the latest, before the acquisition of the company by Cadogan. Very interesting nicely … Continued