VAUEN pipoo 1

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Germany A pipe of the VAUEN’s pipoo series invented to attract more young and active people who prefer quick and easy occasional smoke. The best it’s smoked with the VAUEN pre-made tobacco rolls, though smoking of conventional tobacco in the … Continued

COMOY’S Carlyle 296

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England, 1930s Both stampings and the shape number (296 for a canadian)  testify that it’s a Comoy’s creature. Moreover such the stamping in a circle with “MADE” at the top, “IN” in the middle, and “ENGLAND” forming the bottom of … Continued

Bontemps 74

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France A pipe from the glorious St Claude family, which also includes such famous brands as Butz Choquin, Chap, Claude Romain, Jima. Behind all that names stands franch Berrod-Regad group, whose factory has been working at 2 ter rue du … Continued

Two pipe bag

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The pipe bag looks to be not used before, we may notice only a small scratch on the one side (see picture nr.3). The bag can comfortably accommodate 2 pipes, necessary accessories and tobacco itself in separate pockets. Approximate dimensions … Continued

GBD Pedigree 293

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England, 1950-70s The highest grade GBD pipe was made in the 1950-70s, but definitely before the acquisition of the company by Cadogan. Everlasting classical shape and great lightweight briar make the pipe an incomparable addition to any collection. The pipe … Continued


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Denmark Karl Erik Ottendahl (1942 – 2004) was one of the most famous Denmark artisans, who offered good, “really Danish” pipes for an affordable value. He began smoking pipe when he was 14, and started carving as a hobby. Over … Continued