COMOY’S Carlyle 296

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England, 1930s Both stampings and the shape number (296 for a canadian)  testify that it’s a Comoy’s creature. Moreover such the stamping in a circle with “MADE” at the top, “IN” in the middle, and “ENGLAND” forming the bottom of … Continued

COMOY’S Kent 309T unsmoked

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England, 1980s The shape number 309 is perhaps the most successful and popular Comoy’s canadian shape and became already a kind of a standard. Therefore we’re really happy to offer you this legendary, shiny, capacious and unsmoked (!)  Comoy’s canadian … Continued

COMOY’S pipe bag

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England The pipe bag can comfortably accommodate 2 pipes. The bag has normal used condition not excluding some surface wear, but without any identified major issues. Approximate dimensions 15.5 x 9 cm (6.1 x 3.5″).

COMOY’S De Luxe 182

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England, 1950-70s An exquisite and very rare Comoy’s De Luxe pipe made in the 1950-70s (“pre-Cadogan”)- absolutely classical billiard shape with the silver ferrule. Fantastic finding!

COMOY’S H.T.L. Hiland’s Fine Grain 184

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England Authoritative pipe community members advised that H.T.L. stands for Hiland’s Tobacco Locker, a southern California retail tobacco chain. Pipes have been ordered from leading Europian manufacturers such as Savinelli, Comoy’s and GBD. That explains also why some of HTL … Continued

COMOY’S Everyman 6

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England, 1950-70s A pleasant representative of the very popular Comoy’s second line from the 1950-70s. Traditional English middle size billiard becomes an eye-catching, unusual and even a bit “freehandish” look with the newly made fancy acrylic stem.

COMOY’S B.B Best Briar 331

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England, 1930s An extremely rare finding! The Comoy’s pipe made in the 1930s and branded for one of the numberous tobacconists the most probably. You may compare the COM (MADE IN ENGLAND) and the shape number (331) to other Comoy’s … Continued

COMOY’S Tradition 296B

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England, 1950-70s Perhaps no other manufacturer did make more for the “canadians” development and propaganda than Comoy’s. Careful selection of briar, variety of thoughtful refined shapes, skilful work deserved the highest respect among smokers worldwide. As an example – our … Continued

COMOY’S McGahey 34677

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England, 1950-70s A very convincing and very lightly smoked traditional English billiard made by Comoy’s. Their McGahey series was made most probably for the McGahey tobacconist located in Exeter, Devon, UK. The shop is still open nowadays and you can … Continued