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GBD Prodigy Straight Grain
GBD Prodigy Straight Grain
A very high grade GBD pipe marked both "Prodigy" and "Straight grain" made approximately between the late 1960s and late 1970s most probably by Horry Jamieson (ex Barling carver), who was experienced in freehand design and created many amazing "Collector" and "Unique" pipes for GBD. A decent response to Danish artisans!
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DUNHILL Dress 4114
DUNHILL Dress 4114, 2004
Dunhill Dress pipes are relatively young; the series was introduced in 1973 and is distinguished by dark (in the most cases black) smooth finish. Despite the dark stain hiding natural briar grain the “Dress” pipes look luxurious indeed!
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DUNHILL Cumberland 3103
DUNHILL Cumberland 3103, 2003
The “Cumberland” series is relatively young in comparison to other lines – it was introduced in 1979 and named in honor of Cumberland Street – the street where production and warehouse capacities of the company existed comfortably for many years. But such brindle ebonite stems (“cumberland” stems – also a Dunhill’s invention!) make the series one of the best sellers and an object of the highest attention of Dunhill admirers.
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DUNHILL Bruyere bamboo
DUNHILL Bruyere bamboo, 1998
The idea of using bamboo came from the WWII times when supply of briar to the United kingdom faced a really dramatical shortage and the English manufacturers looked for any possibility to use different materials if not for the complete pipe making, but at least to compensate for the deficit of briar. Competent people say bamboo was firstly adopted by Dunhill to make shanks and soon it became a very popular option among other brands. Such pipes were named "Whangees" after the bamboo canes and umbrellas and they successfully remain popular and demanded until our days.
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SAVINELLI 120 anni
SAVINELLI 120 anni
A truly Italian example of how to celebrate the birthday: the unique luxury "120 anni" (120 anniversary) Savinelli jubilee pipe made in 1996. Yes, the Savinelli artisans really did show their very best skills when created and carved this gem!
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Zino Davidoff (1906-1994), one of the most famous tobacco businessmen and revolutionary (even iconic) people of the XX century’s culture said “the pipe is a valuable companion, the essence of tranquility and must be smoked with respect”. Of course, the rich variety of luxury tobacco and tobacco related products offered under the Davidoff brand would be incomplete without luxury smoking pipes. The pipes have been made since 1974 by leading French manufacturers such as Butz-Choquin and Cuty Fort Group (known for the Chacom, Jeantet, Vuillard, Lacroix and Ropp brands). An exclusive item!
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ORLIK Hurricane 21479
ORLIK Hurricane 21479 unsmoked
The patent 2135179 (https://patents.google.com/patent/US2135179) for a "hurricane type" pipe with the integrated wind cap was issued to Frederick Hudes in 1938 in the USA. So it's the most probably an American invention. But contrary to others numerous novelties this idea was successfully adopted not only by American manufacturers such as Mastercraft ("Sparkproof "), but also by  French Butz Choquin ("Auto-Sport") and even traditionally conservative English brands: Fribourg & Treyer ("Shipmate"), GBD ("Dr Plumb"), Fortnum's ("Windward"), Cyclone, Dunhill and as we can see today Orlik ("Hurricane"). Our today's pipe is not as old as the patent: it was made already after 1980 when Orlik was adopted by Cadogan, but it still remains unsmoked. A good finding both for collectors and just for admirers of comfortable smoke regardless of the weather.
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GBD Popular 397
GBD Popular 397
The history of the English pipe making, condition of the pipe and the sort of briar hint this pipe was made before the 1960s: the deep distinct sandblasted surface reminds Dunhill Tanshell and Shell pipes made within the period from the end of the WWII till the early 1960s. We believe that Ganneval, Bondier & Donninger (GBD) had the same issues with briar availability because of the political situation in the Mediterranean region and they were forced to use similar supply sources to refill the stock.
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VAUEN 7008
VAUEN 7008
One of the most successful models among the extremely rich variety of the VAUEN products: an elegant, lightweight and comfortable slightly bent pipe with the very practical meerschaum lining and traditional German 9 mm filter.
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VAUEN pipoo 8
VAUEN pipoo 8
There's another example of the limitless creativity shown by VAUEN, the leading German briar manufacturer. The VAUEN pipoo series was invented to attract more young and active people who prefer quick and easy occasional smoke. The best it's smoked with the VAUEN pre-made tobacco rolls, though smoking of conventional tobacco in the pipoo is also possible, of course avoid overheating of the device.  Currently the series is replaced with the VAUEN Quixx line.
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COMOY'S pipe bag
COMOY’S pipe bag
The pipe bag can comfortably accommodate 2 pipes. The bag has normal used condition not excluding some surface wear, but without any identified major issues. Approximate dimensions 15.5 x 9 cm (6.1 x 3.5").
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GBD Dr. Plumb's two pipe bag
GBD Dr. Plumb’s two pipe bag
The pipe bag can comfortably accommodate 2 pipes, necessary accessories and tobacco itself in separate pockets. The bag has normal used condition not excluding some surface wear, but without any identified major issues. Approximate dimensions 19 x 10 cm (7.5 x 3.9").
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BEN WADE Selected Grain 56F
BEN WADE Selected Grain 56F (Made In Leeds, unsmoked)
This is the oldest Ben Wade pipe we ever offered. It was made at the family Ben Wade production facilities in Leeds before 1965, when Herman G. Lane bought Ben Wade and Charatan's businesses and moved production to London. However it could be very probably a pre WWII product: experts claim the model was represented in the 1930s catalogues. Speaking more detailed the pre WWII Ben Wade series were split into the three tiers: the highest grade stamped "Ben Wade" like our one (there were in descending order Ben Wade "Larnix" (Gold), Ben Wade "Larnix" (Silver), Ben Wade "Super Grain", Ben Wade "Selected Grain", Ben Wade "Walnut" and Ben Wade Standard), the middle grade stamped "B.W." (B. W. "Natural Grain", B.W. "Statesman", B.W. "Club Special", B. W. "County", B.W. "Ambrosian", B.W. "Virgin Briar") and the lower grade "B.W.L." (B.W.L. "Garrick", B.W.L. "Hurlingham", B.W.L. "Advent", B.W.L. "Adelphi", B.W. L. " Tense Grain" etc). So our creature is an amazing example of the top grade Ben Wade production in Leeds.  
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HARDCASTLE'S 192 Curacao; N. A.
HARDCASTLE’S 192 Curacao; N. A. (unsmoked)
A very unusual unsmoked Hardcastle's pipe from the period between 1946 and 1967. That was a really great time for this brand: the company belonged already completely to Dunhill, but keeped family management and production traditions. The bamboo shank makes this pipe absolutely attractive and absolutely rare and the shield with the engraved "Curacao; N.A." hints that it's most probably a presentation pipe dedicated to joining in 1954 Curaçao with the other Dutch colonies in the Caribbean into the Netherlands Antilles (consequently they obtained some degree of autonomy). So the bamboo shank looks very much to the point.  
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PETERSON Shamrock 268
PETERSON Shamrock 268
Steve Laug published in his blog at rebornpipes a very deep and detailed investigation regarding Shamrock pipes.  “There were two Shamrock lines—the Rogers Import U.S.-only line with the nickel band, and the Peterson unmounted line with a white “S” stamped on the mouthpiece. This line ... debuted in the 1945 catalog in the 30 classic shapes then being offered, in both smooth and sandblast, always with a fishtail mouthpiece, and continued with the same finish and “S” stamp until the 1975 catalog". We can only add that Irish B.P.L produced a series named "Golden Shamrock". So there's a nice and well maintained Peterson pipe from 1945-75.  
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THOMAS CRISTIANO Metamorfosi C502 (unsmoked)
An exquisite, nicely styled (and still unsmoked!) pipe made by Thomas Cristiano. Tomas Cristiano was Italian by origin, his family emigrated to the USA in 1968 and several generations of Cristiano are involved in production and marketing of wonderful briar pipes. Thomas began at the S.M. Frank & Company factory – one of the “briar giants” of America, very quickly he made an outstanding career and started own production of the brands T. Cristiano and Calabresi. Thomas’s pipes are in Italian way graceful and expressive and in American way well balanced in terms of a price / quality ratio.  
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M.L.C. Ambrol
M.L.C. Ambrol
In the 1930th the fisher and in combination – the chief physician of Chicago, doctor Paul E. Grabov liked to sit smoking pipes with the owner of a drugstore and the same inveterate fisher Mr. Brown. Sometimes they were also adjoined by Mr. Louis Linkman, the owner of the tobacco company of the same name and pipe factory right there in Chicago. In one of such evenings Mr. Linkman asked whether Dr. Grabow agrees if Linkman calls by his name an essentially new, innovative series of pipes. The physician caught “such a huuuuuge perch” yesterday and of course agreed. And soon “Doctor Grabov” pipes blew up the North American market. This agreement wasn’t anywhere recorded, and doctor Grabov didn’t receive any royalty. But Linkman’s company supplied him with pipes until the end of his life, and the doctor participated with pleasure in development of new models. Before Dr. Grabow, Linkman's pipes were named in honor of the owner’s mother: M.L.C. – “Mary Linkman & Co”. One of such pipes we are proud to offer today.  
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Ben Wade (relief grain)
Ben Wade (relief grain)
This attractive freehand is not different from the Lane era Charatan’s make Relief Grain series pipes, and this is not surprising: the pipe was made at the same factory during the same period by the same carvers. Actually we don’t see any convincing reasons why it was stamped Ben Wade, not Charatan’s Make. Absolutely recommended!  
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JOHN REDMAN Redonian De Luxe 133
JOHN REDMAN Redonian De Luxe 133
According to catalogues Redonian De Luxe is “An attractive line of first quality Briars supplied principally in rich Walnut colour in a wide range of shapes in bags and single boxes”. But this pipe is a very interesting and unusual exception from the rule: it’s made in natural “virgin” finish without any staining at all. A very good upper grade series creature from the English John Redman pipe factory made in the 1950-70s approximately.  
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Sale! MASTA PATENT Cool Chamber A
An extraordinary piece of the English pipe making history. Masta patent is mostly known as the company acquired by Dunhill in 1946 and incorporated to Parker-Hardcastle in 1967. As stated by pipedia, the brand no longer appears to exist after these changes. However it's always very interesting to know what was before Dunhill, how the Masta pipes did look, which series and shapes have been produced? Today we are proud to represent not just a pre-Dunhill Masta patent pipe, but the pipe made almost at the beginning of the company's life . Yes, the pipe came to us from 1910: silver hallmarks with the anchor, lion and lower case "l" mean Birmingham, 1910. It's four years before the Great War! The pipe is of rather compact size as it was traditional at these times, but unlike other vintage pipes the grain is really noticeable: a lot of birdseye!  
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