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Italy An exciting discovery for Savinelli collectors: the crowned serpent logo was only stamped on Savinelli Rock Grain and some of the Savinelli Hand Made (Autograph) freehands. Although this pipe has no shape number, the rich and distinctive rustication is … Continued

SAVINELLI 120 anni

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Italy, 1996 A truly Italian example of how to celebrate the birthday: the unique luxury “120 anni” (120 anniversary) Savinelli jubilee pipe made in 1996. Yes, the Savinelli artisans really did show their very best skills when created and carved … Continued

SAVINELLI pocket pipe rest


Italy A very practical and comfortable pocket pipe rest from Savinelli. The device has normal used condition not excluding some surface wear, but without any identified major issues. Approximate dimensions 7.5 x 4 x 1.4 cm (2.95 x 1.57 x … Continued


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Italy Savinelly is well known as the very creative manufacturer: the number of brands, subbrands and second lines comes to one hundred. Nevertheless this attractive refined finish is easily recognizable: yes, it’s the Roma lovat pipe, the pipe dedicated to … Continued

SAVINELLI Saturnia 677

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Italy, 2000s An unsmoked pipe of the very rare Savinelli series produced in the early 2000s. As it’s typical for the great Italian brand – excellent work with finish, shape, engineering. The pipe comes with the bag, papers, box (marked … Continued

SAVINELLI Leonardo Ala Battente

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Italy, 2007-2015 “Savinelli started in 2007 a series dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. For nine years Savinelli has designed an exclusive model, related it to a drawing made by the Italian genius. Each pipe was produced in limited number with … Continued

SAVINELLI Punto Oro Birdseye 130

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Italy An Italian responce to the cult popularity of Dunhill white spot. Savinelli is the most known and respected Italian pipe manufactory, they always offer an extremely wide variety of shapes and series: from affordable everyday devices till excquisite luxury … Continued