VAUEN 304 150th Anniversary

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Germany, 1998 A pipe of the very special limited edition dedicated to the VAUEN 150 anniversary (1998). Every respectable manufacturer strives to show in pipes of the year and jubilee pipes the very best examples of the design and craftmanship … Continued


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Germany, 1992 “Senior” of the German freehand pipe makers, ingenious self-taught, one of the very best pipe makers in the world, his works they are amongst the most popular pieces worldwide – all that is about Rainer Barbi. We are … Continued

VAUEN Dr. Perl D.R.W.Z. 3232

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Germany, 1939-45 VAUEN is really a phenomenal company – one of the oldest and largest Europian pipe businesses remains at the same time very flexible and innovative: they not only freely experiment with shapes and finishes, but regularly offer basically … Continued


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Germany A fancy creature with the attractive silver work and twin bore stem born at the German “Design Berlin” pipe factory. Design Berlin (DB, or Pfeifenstudio Hartmann before 1975) was the first German company started producing pipes after the World … Continued

VAUEN Luxus 8286

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Germany One of the luxury pipes from the largest and most famous German manufacturer. Large well balanced billiard with nicely rusticated surface, elegant silver collar, shiny acrylic stem and of course 9 mm filter. The white spot on VAUEN pipes … Continued

VAUEN 3604

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Germany There’s a really nice, creative and quite moderately (if not lightly) smoked hybrid of the brandy shape and churchwarden from the best German manufactory. The pipe comes with two stems – the long vulcanite churcharden style and short acrylic … Continued

VAUEN Ascot 411

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Germany The history knows Ascot pipes produced in the UK by H. Perkins & Sons since early XX century. Also a brand with the same name was produced in France by La Bruyère (since 1932) and then – by Chacom. … Continued

VAUEN De Luxe 42

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Germany A true German mainstream! Among with Siemens, Lufthansa, Mercedes and many many other names Vauen became a real World known symbol of German quality, hard work and systematic approach in any manufacturing area! The De Luxe series is traditionally … Continued

VAUEN 4479

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Germany, 2000s Vauen pipes became de facto a standard of a mass market West European smoking pipes with a filter. One of the oldest German companies eclipsed all competitors both in Germany and neighboring countries and now it’s not only … Continued