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France Zino Davidoff (1906-1994), one of the most famous tobacco businessmen and revolutionary (even iconic) people of the XX century’s culture said “the pipe is a valuable companion, the essence of tranquility and must be smoked with respect”. Of course, … Continued

GENOD canadian

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France, 2000s Genod brand is in fact a separate and very old branch of the French Comoy’s tradition remained in St Claude while the company was migrated, sold to a new owner, merged. The oldest French Comoy’s workshop was named … Continued

Sculpted Eagle

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France It’s the most probably one of the Butz Choquin sculpted pipes, you may see at times on eBay and other online shops their eye-catching hand carved Indian chiefs, animals, birds. This time it’s an eagle – powerful and proud … Continued

BUTZ-CHOQUIN Maitre Pipier De Luxe

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France The series Maitre Pipier doesn’t belog to any specific manufacturer. Butz-Choquin, Chacom, Ropp, Jean Chretin, Jean Lacroix and others marked theirs most interesting and attractive pipes with this stamping to demonstrate their craftsmanship. At Butz-Choquin pipes of the “Maitre … Continued

CHACOM Bayard S62

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France All available sources unambiguously classify the pipe as a Chacom product. The series is very probably named after Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (c. 1476 – 30 April 1524), “a French knight at the transition between the Middle Ages … Continued

JEANTET nosewarmer

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France Jeantet is really a very old French company, the firm of the Jeantet family in Saint-Claude is first mentioned as early as 1775. But on the beginning it was a manufacturer of wooden shanks for porcelain pipes and cherrywoods. … Continued

BUTZ-CHOQUIN Camargue 1710

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France The Camargue is a natural region located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhône delta. With an area of over 930 km2 (360 sq mi), the Camargue is western Europe’s largest … Continued

Francois Comoy

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France Despite English pipes are usually the most collectable, valuated and respected and a number of the most famous brands are English brands, we shouldn’t forget that many of them have French origin or are related to France. GBD was … Continued

BUTZ-CHOQUIN Calabash De Luxe

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France A calabash shape (some call it “a bell”) was always highly appreciated by collectors as the most associated with the smoking pipes history and ancient traditional shapes. Therefore many companies and artisans offered their interpretation of the calabash pipe; … Continued