G.W. SIMS Special

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England, 1960-70s G.W. Sims (just the modest G.W., though some consider that he was George) is known from the first half of the XX century, and the first pipes of the artisan (and at times a repairman) were marked even … Continued


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England A pipe from the oldest and the most respected London tobacconist, the company began its noble way in 1862. By the middle of the XX century the address 109 Jermyn St. became very famous as the most popular, luxury … Continued

COMOY’S Kent 309T unsmoked

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England, 1980s The shape number 309 is perhaps the most successful and popular Comoy’s canadian shape and became already a kind of a standard. Therefore we’re really happy to offer you this legendary, shiny, capacious and unsmoked (!)  Comoy’s canadian … Continued

DUNHILL Red Bark 114

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England, 1972 Red Bark is perhaps the best-known and valued Dunhill series among other “retired”. The Red Bark pipes were produced not for a long time – from 1972 to 1987, and in fact, they are traditional sandblasted Dunhills, but … Continued


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England A very pleasant Redman’s bulldog pipe, most likely of 1970-80s years of birth. In any case the  series isn’t registered neither in earlier catalogues available to us, nor in other sources. Very probably, it was ordered by one of … Continued

BIG BEN Evening 310

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Netherland, 2000s Practical and comfortable pipe from the flagman of Dutch pipe making. Big Ben pipes became world famous and popular smokers thanks to the great quality / price ratio. Since 2012 the brand belongs to Elbert Gubbels & Zonen … Continued