PIPE-DAN 250 unsmoked

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Denmark, 1970 Fantastic finding! An unsmoked freehand (“free form”) Pipe-Dan pipe made in 1970! The Pipe-Dan (Pibe-Dan) shop was opened in 1943 by H. Dan-Christensen and until 1991 there were offered pipes from leading Danish carvers such as Hans Hartmann, … Continued

Made in Denmark

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Denmark We haven’t identified the maker of this pipe, but regardless that it’s a really impressive Danish pipe, made of good piece of briar, skillfully carved, shaped and drilled, with the remarkable distinct straight grain. Recommended!


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Denmark A relatively young and moderately smoked Nording pipe of the quite high grade. There were different grading system applied over the years, but 1 is always the highest grade (currently the freehand grades go from 1 thru 5 and … Continued

PREBEN HOLM Hand Cut (3)

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Denmark, 1960s A creature of young Preben Holm carved in the late 1960s, when his pipes were stamped with with the “Preben Holm” name and such grade numbers in a circle. At that time the artisan was not elder than … Continued