PIPE-DAN Shape-Reformed 43

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Denmark, 1971 An unusually designed pipe from the one of the oldest and the most respected Danish tobacconist. The Pipe-Dan (Pibe-Dan) shop was opened in 1943 by H. Dan-Christensen and until 1991 there were offered pipes from leading Danish carvers … Continued


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Denmark, 1960s A creature of young Preben Holm carved in the late 1960s, when his pipes were stamped with with the “Preben Holm” name and such grade numbers in a circle. At that time the artisan was not elder than … Continued

LARSEN Copenhagen Rustica bent

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Denmark, 1960s One of the very first and the very collectables W.O. Larsen pipes stamped “Larsen Copenhagen”. In the most sources the “Copenhagen era” isn’t precisely defined but many experts call so period from the early 1960s till early 1970s. … Continued


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Denmark Unlike other pipes made personnaly by famous Danish artisan and owner of a World known pipe factory Erik Nording this massive freehand doesn’t have any series names or shape numbers, therefore it would be hardly possible to say for … Continued


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Denmark, 1970s Such was the Dunhill’s responce to the increasing demand and constantly growing interest in freehand pipes in the 1970s. The Harcourt series has been sold through own Dunhill stores and a few of Dunhill’s dealers. The majority of … Continued