BBB Best Make 602

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England, unsmoked An unsmoked BBB Best Make pipe from the second half of the XX century. After ancient times silver hallmarks BBB didn’t apply any signs of a year or at least of a period of production, therefore we can’t … Continued

(JOHN REDMAN) British Knight

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England, unsmoked Undoubtedly this pipe is an unknown before and not registered in catalogues product of John Redman factory in London. Courageous combination of the classical stummel and fancy stem, specific stamping (LONDON MADE under a brand name and MADE … Continued


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France, unsmoked An export brand made by Jean Lacroix (†2007). The Lacroix family is one of the oldest French dynasties in the pipe making. The founder, Eugine Lacroix began with the Delacour factory back in the 19 century, his son … Continued