LARSEN Copenhagen Rustica

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Denmark, 1960s One of the very first and the very collectables W.O. Larsen pipes stamped “Larsen Copenhagen”. In the most sources the “Copenhagen era” isn’t precisely defined but many experts call so period from the early 1960s till early 1970s. … Continued

Made in London large bent

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England An absolutely convincing large & heavy English bent pipe. Such the stamping (MADE IN LONDON \ ENGLAND) was used by many great makers including Parker-Hardcastle and Orlik, we don’t have a convincing proof of the specific pipe manufacturer.


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England Invicta started as a pipe repair service (“Medway Briars”). The careful choice of material, successful market policy and the carvers, experienced with Dunhill and Charatan, made the company one of the live legends of British briar. Invicta pipes is … Continued


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Italy Luigi Radice is an official record-holder as the maker of the world’s largest pipe and unofficial – as one of the oldest Italian pipe makers. Luigi (Gigi) started his career in 1961 at Castello where he has got an … Continued