Orlik De Luxe L155

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England The name Orik sounds exactly like the name of kozak’s hetman (leader) Pylyp Orlyk. Unfortunately it seems to be just a coincidence. The Orlik Tobacco company was founded by three Danish companies and we are living in the country … Continued


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Italy Let’s look at the different – southern approach to the pipes making. Sure, it’s the italian pipe. The pipe has been made by well known Italian company for the mass market. Thus we don’t have to expect a sophisticated … Continued

Knute of Denmark

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Denmark Rare and quite unusual pipe made by Karl Erik Otthendahl (better known as Karl Erik). It’s paradoxical shape, 360 straight grain and bird eyes on the pipe’s bottom make the pipe a really unique acquisition for any collection. The … Continued

Bewlay Popular 156

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England “Hello, BWM? This is “Holosiivsky” auto selling center calling. Could you please produce a batch of sedans for us and please don’t put any “BMW” logos – just the name of our shop please. Yes, one week would be fine, will look … Continued

Parker of London Bark

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England Parker Pipe Co is one more honorous pipe-making company finally merged with the enterprise of Mr. Dunhill. And now all Parkers and Dunhills are being produced on the same equipment and by the same carvers. On the other hand … Continued

Grosvenor London Made

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England This pipe is not so easy to identify as we may expect from a straight shape pipe. During different time periods the brand name “Grosvenor” was used both by Charatan and Sasieni. Nevertheless neither from the pipe’s nomenclature nor … Continued

Mysterious “S”

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England If you can identify this pipe’s manufacturer and justify it you’ll get 7.5% discount for this or another one pipe published in April. The pipe is from the same collection where we found Cornishman. It’s in the perfect condition, … Continued