Lord Nelson unsmoked

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France, 1980-90s, unsmoked

A nicely made (and still unsmoked!) French bent dublin pipe made approximately in the last decades of the XX century. Some sources claim the “Lord Nelson” brand was made by Comoy’s in England but the lily logo on the stem indicates its French origin, the most probably Chacom or some other St Claude workshop.

The pipe markings are “LORD NELSON”, “IMPORTED BRIAR FRANCE”. The length is 14.0 cm (5.51″), bowl’s height is 4.5 cm (1.77″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.1 cm (1.22″), internal diameter is 1.8 cm (0.71″). The depth is 3.8 cm (1.5″) and this pipe weights 32 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, aluminium air cooler.

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