DR ARDOR Mercurio bamboo shank

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A nonpareil very high grade pipe from the glorious Italian pipe carvers dynasty! Ar-Dor stands for ANgelo Rovera & DORelio Rovera, a son and his father who established the company in 1974. Today the Ardor Pipes is a World famous manufacturer of pieces of art of the highest level quality and design, which are very artistically integrating classical shapes and own very original stylish approach.

The grading is also very creative: the series are named mostly after the Solar system planets and heavenly bodies (ascending): Goccia (a Drop), Nettuno (Neptune), Urano roccia (Uranus rock), Urano sabbiata (Sanded Uranus), Meteora (Meteor), Tabacco (Tobacco), Plutone (Pluto), Giove (Jupiter), Terra Sabbiata (Sanded Earth), Marte Sabbiata (Sanded Mars), Marte (Mars), Mercurio (Mercury), Venere (Venus) and Venere 2 Punti (Venus 2 points). Thus our todays pipe is of the very and  very high grade following just after the Venere.

The pipe markings are “DR \ ARDOR \ MERCURIO \ ITALY \ CALUMET”. The length is 16.7 cm (6.57″), bowl’s height is 5.3 cm (2.09″). External dimensions of the bowl are 4.2 x 4.3 cm (1.65 x 1.69″), internal diameter is 2.1 cm (0.83″). The depth is 4.3 cm (1.69″) and this pipe weights 67 gr. Briar, bamboo shank, acrylic stem, no filter. The stummel had a couple of light scratches carefully and reliably patched during restoration.

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