BARLING'S MAKE Ye Olde Wood T.V.F. poker

BARLING’S MAKE Ye Olde Wood T.V.F. poker

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England, 1940-50s

An eye catching decent size classical English poker pipe made at Barling’s family factory between 1941 and 1962, i.e. during the pre-transition period. The arched BARLING’S MAKE logo is already of a full size, larger than before WWII. There’s still no shape number, but the stamping “EXEXEL” was introduced after 1941 when Barling expanded the range of sizes. A really collectable item!

The pipe markings are “BARLING’S \ MAKE \ YE OLDE WOOD”, “T.V.F.”, “MADE IN \ ENGLAND’, “EXEXEL”. The length is 15.9 cm (6.26″), bowl’s height is 4.8 cm (1.89″). External diameter of the bowl is 4.0 cm (1.57″), internal diameter is 2.0 cm (0.79″). The depth is 3.4 cm (1.34″) and this pipe weights 55 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter. There were a few scratches and chips patched on the bowl during the restoration.

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