GBD New Standard 1964

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England, 1950-70s There was probably no other such creative and innovative manufacturer offering that variety of shapes and grades. For example, while at the end of the XIX century GBD catalogues offered  more than 1500 models, in the second half … Continued

SAVORY’S Argyll 283 (Dunhill)

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England A wonderful cherrywood pipe from the Dunhill’s family! The brand Savory (Savory’s) was created in the 1885 and very soon was acquired by Dunhill. We were advised that it was a tobacconist located on the Agryll str. in London. … Continued

Aristocrat 2

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England Among other normal human wishes (such as piece in the World, a new house with four smoking rooms and a weekend trip to Kilimajaro) we had a wish to have a Redman’s poker pipe. And finally one wish from … Continued


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USA A poker pipe is close to a sandwich. Both pipe and sandwich were invented for card players to make the game more comfortable for gentlemen. Of course it would be interesting to look at the pipe for chess players, … Continued

Buckingham Palace

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England The pipe markings are “BUCKINGHAM \ PALACE” and “MADE IN LONDON \ ENGLAND” . The length is 14.0 cm, bowl’s height is 4.5 cm. External diameter of the bowl is 3.5 cm, internal diameter is 2.0 cm. The depth … Continued


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England The competition between Dunhill and Charatan was like a discussion what is more important – a form or a content. Or it would be better to say: the grain or the shape. While Dunhill pipes all were carved on … Continued