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The competition between Dunhill and Charatan was like a discussion what is more important – a form or a content. Or it would be better to say: the grain or the shape. While Dunhill pipes all were carved on a strictly set curve, Charatan masters preferred to allow a deviation from the traditional shape to underline an expressive grain.

However, the destiny disposed so that some time (1978-1988) the Charatan company belonged to Alfred Dunhill, and Charatan pipes were produced in parallel at the facilities of both companies. And the recently introduced marking “DC” (Double Comfort, it’s a specific form of a stem) was often treated as Dunhill’s Charatan. 

This pipe is exactly from that period.

The pipe marking is “CHARATAN’S MAKE \ LONDON. ENGLAND \ 381DC”. The lenghts is 15.1 cm, bowl’s hight is 5.3 cm. External and internal diameters of this bowl are 3.9 cm and 2.2 cm. The depth is 4.0 cm and this pipe weights 38 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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