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USA, 1940-50s

This is one of the “old style” Kaywoodie Hand Made pipes produced between 1946 and 1955, possibly even earlier in the 1940s. All the details on the pipe confirm that it is an ancient and valuable historical rarity: the 4-hole stinger is stamped “Drinkless” and a patent number (a little hard to read in full), and a round clover leaf logo is elegantly positioned on the top of the mouthpiece. However, the pipe is remarkably well-preserved and did not require any special effort to freshen it up.

Pipe markings “Hand Made \ KAYWOODIE”, “IMPORTED BRIAR”
Length 14.1 cm (5.55″)
Bowl Height 4.0 cm (1.57″)
Outside Diameter 5.1 cm (2″)
Chamber Diameter 2.2 cm (0.87″)
Chamber Depth 3.2 cm (1.26″)
Weight 68 gr.
Briar, vulcanite stem, aluminium air cooler.

Although the bowl surface has a few minor scratches and dings, we opted to preserve the pipe’s original finish.

The pipe was accurately smoked, it has been thoroughly cleaned, polished, sanitized and now is ready for a new life.

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