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Denmark, 1980s At first sight, the pipe appears to be a part of the illustrious “Danish Golden era” freehands, standing proudly alongside the likes of Preben Holm, Karl Erik, and Holtorp creations. And indeed, this initial impression seems warranted, as … Continued


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USA, 1940-50s This is one of the “old style” Kaywoodie Hand Made pipes produced between 1946 and 1955, possibly even earlier in the 1940s. All the details on the pipe confirm that it is an ancient and valuable historical rarity: … Continued

BEN WADE Hand Model Roma

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This English-made Ben Wade Hand Model pipe is a unique and surprisingly effective piece. Its simple shape beautifully accents the fantastic birdseye grain on the left side of the bowl. The nomenclature corresponds to the Lane era times, but the … Continued

KARL ERIK Champ of Denmark 6

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Denmark, 1970s Champ of Denmark was a brand of the currently closed Larsen & Stigart tobacconist in Copenhagen, Denmark (along with “Larsen & Stigart”, “Shelburne”). As many advanced tobacco shops at that time had also an indoor production and employed … Continued


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Denmark, 1970s Jobey is the brand with perhaps the most tangled history. Since establishing in the 1920s the company has changed a whole row of owners, distributors and manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic. Frequently experts can’t reach an … Continued