COMOY’S Carlyle 296

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England, 1930s Both stampings and the shape number (296 for a canadian)  testify that it’s a Comoy’s creature. Moreover such the stamping in a circle with “MADE” at the top, “IN” in the middle, and “ENGLAND” forming the bottom of … Continued

COMOY’S Kent 309T unsmoked

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England, 1980s The shape number 309 is perhaps the most successful and popular Comoy’s canadian shape and became already a kind of a standard. Therefore we’re really happy to offer you this legendary, shiny, capacious and unsmoked (!)  Comoy’s canadian … Continued


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France Zino Davidoff (1906-1994), one of the most famous tobacco businessmen and revolutionary (even iconic) people of the XX century’s culture said “the pipe is a valuable companion, the essence of tranquility and must be smoked with respect”. Of course, … Continued

GENOD canadian

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France, 2000s Genod brand is in fact a separate and very old branch of the French Comoy’s tradition remained in St Claude while the company was migrated, sold to a new owner, merged. The oldest French Comoy’s workshop was named … Continued


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Italy An Italian “electrical pipe” inspired by St Claude! Gerolamo Ceresa began at the end of the XIX century as a subcontractor for Rossi Factory (Barasso), but soon (1919) he founded new own very modern operated electrically (!) factory under … Continued