BUTZ-CHOQUIN Calabash De Luxe

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France A calabash shape (some call it “a bell”) was always highly appreciated by collectors as the most associated with the smoking pipes history and ancient traditional shapes. Therefore many companies and artisans offered their interpretation of the calabash pipe; … Continued

GBD Garland II 9552

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England 1980-90s A very stylish GBD pipe made not such a long time ago – approximately in the 1980s. Nevertheless the original shape (named most frequently a “Calabash” or a “Bell”) is strongly reminescent of old good English calabash pipes. … Continued

BEN WADE Selected Grain 276

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England, 1960s A pleasant example of the Charatan’s carvers art made in 1960s under the Ben Wade trade mark! Initially Ben Wade was an old good English family manufactory. Soon after the WWII the brand was acquired by Lane Ltd … Continued