KAYWOODIE Relief Grain 149R

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USA, 1960-70s A quite moderately smoked legendary American Kaywoodie pipe made approximately in the 1960-70s. The pipe didn’t require too much efforts, it was rather a light cleanup than a restoration. Sincerely recommended for admirers of capacious chambers and American … Continued

BJARNE Hand-Carved

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Denmark, 1980-90s “He could have been an ambassador for his country, but instead he became an ambassador for Danish pipes”. Bjarne Nielsen’s career was really untypical and unique. Many pipe makers came from different areas, there were engineers, telecommunication technicians, … Continued

H. SIMMONS Hand Made

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England, 1950-70s H. Simmons was one of the most famous London tobacconists with a long history and very nice tobacco shop in Burlington Arcade. The pipes were ordered from different sources including the Dunhill company. In 1980 the business was … Continued

DUNHILL Bruyere 416

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England, 1976 In the beginning Dunhill created Bruyere. And several years (1910-1917) it was the single brand made by the company of a firm and dense Calabrian briar. And though pre WWII “bruyeres” were marked just by a letter “A” … Continued