Reject London Made

Reject London Made

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There will be a number of pipes marked “Reject” in our collection. This mark doesn’t mean that the pipe is of a poor quality. Moreover the most of “rejects” are pipes from production lines of famous manufacturers rejected due to minor issues with a grain or a small cavern in wood. Such small defects are obviously hidden behind a rust or a solid coat of stain and varnish.

This marked “Reject London Made” pipe has a small putty on it’s side (almost invisible). Everything else is perfect and the pipe promises real pleasure of smoking for a years. The pipe comes from the 1950s collection.

The pipe is 14.3 cm long, 4.5 cm tall and weights 47 gr. The bowl’s external diameter is 3.5 cm, inner – 2.0 cm, inner depth – 3.8 cm. Vulcanite stem, no filter.

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