PIPE-DAN 250 unsmoked

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Denmark, 1970 Fantastic finding! An unsmoked freehand (“free form”) Pipe-Dan pipe made in 1970! The Pipe-Dan (Pibe-Dan) shop was opened in 1943 by H. Dan-Christensen and until 1991 there were offered pipes from leading Danish carvers such as Hans Hartmann, … Continued

Ben Wade (relief grain)

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England, 1960s This attractive freehand is not different from the Lane era Charatan’s make Relief Grain series pipes, and this is not surprising: the pipe was made at the same factory during the same period by the same carvers. Actually … Continued

Made in Denmark

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Denmark We haven’t identified the maker of this pipe, but regardless that it’s a really impressive Danish pipe, made of good piece of briar, skillfully carved, shaped and drilled, with the remarkable distinct straight grain. Recommended!

BARTOLI De Luxe 10

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Italy A family brand pipe from Toscana, Italy. The company was found by Pietro Bartoli in 1950 and is currently managed by Mauro Bartoli (Pietro’s son) and his daughters. Every pipe is made of Mediterrean briar (Corsica, Calabria, Tuscany and … Continued