“Stradivarius Pipe”


This is not about smoking.

It’s rather about small, sensitive and amazingly beautiful work of art named a smoking pipe. It’s about a very interesting part of human culture. About numbers of pipe carvers who created their pipes both for sale and own pleasure. About numbers of inventions, ideas and artisans’  secrets. Sometimes a pipe is so mysterious and delightful like a Stradivarius violin.

We are not makers of new pipes. Maybe not yet? 🙂  But we have found that restoration of previously smoked (“estate”) pipes allows us to touch this kind of art, enjoy look and feel of a renewed pipe and share this  pleasure with others

All these pipes are carefully renewed and ready to light from the box. You can find more about selling and postage conditions in the “Terms and conditions” section. Your  questions and orders are warmly welcome in the “Contact Us” section. ALso you may review our privacy policy.

You are welcome to look at, ask for and possess one of Victoria`s Pipes!

Sincerely yours,
                         Victoria’s Pipes