Straight Grain London Made

Straight Grain London Made

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Another one old good pipe from the 1950s. Some sources say that “Straight grain” was a kind of Comoy’s second (like other makers marked their pipes “Reject”) but we didn’t find a confirmation.

The pipe is 15.0 cm long, 5.0 cm tall  and weights 27 gr. The bowl’s external diameter is 3.2 cm, inner – 2.0  cm, inner depth – 4.0  cm. Vulcanite stem, no filter.

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  1. Jeff Stiermanj

    I have a smooth, plum- stained pipe stamped just like the one above, and have been scratching my head over it. The only stamping I can find is “STRAIGHT GRAIN” over “LONDON MADE” on the left side, and the number “20” has been stamped on the right side. It is a small pot in shape. The script looks exactly like that used in the stamping of my Blue Riband and London Pride, but I see no trace of “Comoy’s” on the pipe. I can see no fills, and the grain is vertically straight and very tight. I see no maker identification on the stem, which may be a replacement, but is very well made and fits perfectly. Any idea who may have made it? I have had no luck in trying to trace the shape number.


    Jeff Stierman

    • vkpipes

      Hi Jeff,

      The reasons why a particular pipe wasn’t stamped with its manufacturer name may be vary and at times not clear for us in the 2021. Such pipes are not always “seconds”, some of them could be made tobacco shops, some others were not finished due to closing / moving of production facilities.

      “Straight grain” is not a registered brand name, therefore any maker could stamp this name on pipes. However you right, Comoy’s stamping is quite unique and I would say preliminary your pipe is one of Comoy’s too. But the small pot with the shape number 20 is not in Comoy’s shape charts (of course if it wasn’t made at the commission of another company).

      I would recommend also to ask the question at the forum, maybe someone of experts can identify your pipe or recall who was producing such the shape Nr. 20.

      The very best regards, stay safe!

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