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Denmark, 1960s

Not every top rated candidate will be a president. Not every item with the number 1 is the oldest one. At the same time the age of a pipe is something like an age of wine: such a kind of a quality sign.

Our today’s pipe’s got at least two signs: the shape (number 01 is referring to Sixten
 Ivarsson) and the trade mark number registered in 1948. The number has been used until the end of 1960s.  So the pipe has come from the very nice and romantic period: high hairstyle, short skirts, young “Beatles” and most of people smoke tobacco, not something else.

The pipe markings are “STANWELL \ REGD N 969-48 \ HAND MADE \ DENMARK”, “01”. The length is 13.0 cm, bowl’s hight is 6.0 cm. External dimensions of the ream are 3,5 x 3,0 cm, internal diameter of the bowl is 2.0 cm. The depth is 3.0 cm and this pipe weights 38 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem (has been slightly corrected), no filter. The tobacco chamber is cleaned till wood.

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