SAVINELLI Autograph 6

SAVINELLI Autograph 6

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An exquisite freehand pipe from the world best known Italian manufacturer. Autograph pipes are made absolutely separately from other lines – very carefully selected briar specially for this series, the pipes are made essentially by hand, only the best carvers are allowed to make Autograph pipes. Every such pipe becomes a work of art and a subject of worship!

The Autograph pipes are graded (ascending) from 3,4… and till 8, 0, 00, 000. Thus our pipe is of a quite high grade. The only remark we can admit: despite the “quasipoker” shape it doesn’t want to sit reliably on a table. Or you have to load it with a lot of the most heavy tobacco? 🙂

The pipe markings are “SAVINELLI \ AUTOGRAPH”, “6 \ ITALY”. The length is 15.4 cm (6.06″), bowl’s height is 6.2 cm (2.44″). External diameter of the bowl is 4.3 cm (1.69″), internal diameter is 2.2 cm (0.87″). The depth is 4.5 cm (1.77″) and this pipe weights 71 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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