PETERSON'S Lightweight

PETERSON’S Lightweight

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England, 1950s

Smurfs are fantastic creatures (appeared at first in comics, and then in the animation)  who escaped an angry wizard and appeared in the Central park of New York. Despite the blue color they are simply little men – with all manners, grimaces and habits specific to people.

It seems they didn’t avoid other “addictions”. Recently one our customer jocosely reacted to a pipe of similar dimensions with the phrase “An excellent pipe for a smurf!”. Of couse, it’s the lightweight pipe – only 18 grams!

But this pipe is interesting not only because its weight. Let’s remember the Peterson’s pipes dating basics. If the pipe comes with a collar and there are hallmarks – we can simply look in the book and find the corresponding letter to define the year. If there are no hallmarks (or no collar) the task is more tangled, but it’s possible to define at least the period: patent era (1875 to 1910 approximately), pre republic (till 1949 approximately), and since 1949 – republic era. The most valuable pipes are from the first two periods.

But it’s all about Peterson’s pipes made in Ireland. And ours one was made in England. Peterson produced small batches of pipes in England from 1895 to the 1950’s. It is difficult to judge more precisely, but considering the font used for “Peterson’s” script and the excellent condition of the device (if it was ever smoked it was just once or two times, the chamber is almost completely clean) this pipe is rather a post WWII one. 

The pipe markings are “Peterson’s \ LEIGHTWEIGHT”, “LONDON MADE \ ENGLAND”. The length is 13.0 cm, bowl’s hight is 3.5 cm. External and internal diameters of the bowl are 2.8 cm and 1.7 cm. The depth is 2.8 cm and this pipe weights 18 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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