Parker of London Bark

Parker of London Bark

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Parker Pipe Co is one more honorous pipe-making company finally merged with the enterprise of Mr. Dunhill. And now all Parkers and Dunhills are being produced on the same equipment and by the same carvers. On the other hand such a closeness can be an advantage. When during the WWII Dunhill and Hardcastle were announced as the government’s approved pipe manufacturers and allowed to obtain scarced briar, Parker was not. And Parker pipes of that time were made of bakelite and clay.

This pipe is of course a briar one. Moreover it’s quite young – not older than 1990th, amost unsmoked. The markings are “Parker of London Bark” on the bowl and “France” on the stem (it’s not a secret: FBC factories are many years Dunhill’s contractor for bowls or like this time – for stems supplying). The pipe is 15.2cm long and weights 60 gr. The bowl is 5.2 cm tall, with external diameter of 3.0 cm, internal – 1.9 cm and 3.8 cm deep. Briar, vulcanite stem, air cooler.

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