Orlik De Luxe L38

Orlik De Luxe L38

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L&A Orlik was a well known manufacturer of great quality and at the same time not expensive pipes since the end of XIX century till aсquisition by Cadogan in 1980.Despite more advanced management and technology level of Cadogan Group’s production these pipes from pre-cadogan era made without Hi-Tech tricks but with love are of real interest for collectors.

This one light and elegant pre-cadogan pipe is marked “Orlik De Luxe Made in England” and “L38”. From the pipe’s condition and it’s shape we would date it by 1950-60th.

The pipe is 13.6 cm long, 4.5 cm tall  and weights 21 gr. The bowl’s external diameter is 3.0 cm, inner – 2.0  cm, inner depth – 2.7 cm. Vulcanite stem, no filter.

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