M.L.C. Ambrol

M.L.C. Ambrol

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USA, 1920s

Opposition of medicine and smoking is something crystal clear, unavoidable  and not discussible in the modern world. We’re not going to participate in any flames “too harmful or not too harmful”. But of course we do have an own opinion regarding this matter. But we’d better rewind the tape of history for about 60 years back. Everywhere across the USA we can see advertising of cigarettes with slogans like “Physicists Smoke Lucky Strike”, “My Doctor Smokes Camel” and “All doctors choose Camel. Of course if they aren’t Physicists”. Hmm…. Are you sure that today’s doctors choose this specific toothpaste or those “vitamins”? The situation looks at least contradictory.

Let’s rewind additional 20 years. In the 1930th the fisher and in combination – the chief physician of Chicago, doctor Paul E. Grabov liked to sit smoking pipes with the owner of a drugstore and the same inveterate fisher Mr. Brown. Sometimes they were adjoined also by Mr. Louis Linkman, the owner of the tobacco company of the same name and pipe factory right there in Chicago. In one of such evenings Mr. Linkman asked whether Dr. Grabow agrees if Linkman calls by his name essentially new, innovative series of pipes. The physician has caught yesterday “such a huuuuuge perch” and of course agreed. And soon “Doctor Grabov” pipes blew up the North American market. This agreement wasn’t anywhere recorded, and doctor Grabov didn’t receive any royalty. But Linkman’s company supplied him with pipes until the end of his life, and the doctor participated with pleasure in development of new models.

Before Dr. Grabow Linkman’s pipes were named in honor of the owner’s mother: M.L.C. – “Mary Linkman & Co”One of such pipes we are proud to offer today.

The work with the pipe was a little specific: the material of the stem is not usual ebonite-acryle, but fashionable “artificial amber”, the original “screw” tennon was lost therefore we had to replace it with a more modern one. The pipe markings are “AmbroL \ (M.L.C.)”. The length is 9.7 cm (3.82″), and the bowl’s height is 4.2 cm (1.65″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.7 cm (1.46″), internal diameter is 1.9 cm (0.75″). The depth is 3.1 cm (1.22″) and this pipe weighs 34 gr. Briar, artificial amber stem, no filter. The stem sits not too tough, but reliable enough. 

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