LORENZO Lloyds 8475 SP

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Italy, 1970-80s

Generally speaking, Italian pipes were always beautiful, expressive and tasteful designed. But shortly before 1950 Lorenzo Tagliabue, new top manager of the Manufattura di Pipe Tagliabue (former Fratelli Lana), realized that skillful design is a much more important success factor than large production volumes and began to design new models of his own in an unmistakable style.

Twenty years later his Lorenzo Pipes company became an absolutely unattainable leader in smoking pipes design. That was a real cult, in the 1970-80s it was impossible to imagine an advanced pipe smoker without a Lorenzo! “…the pipes smoked very good-natured, they were considered to be hypermodern and flamboyant and, perhaps best of all, they gave you the indispensable highbrow touch!” (c) Pipedia

The pipe markings are “LLOYDS”, “8475”, “SP”, “CENTURY OLD \ BRIAR ITALY”. The length is 14.3 cm (5.63″), bowl’s height is 5.3 cm (2.09″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.4 cm (1.34″), internal diameter is 1.9 cm (0.75″). The depth is 4.4 cm (1.73″) and this pipe weights 31 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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