JOBEY Stromboli 120

JOBEY Stromboli 120

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Most sources believe Jobey was an English founded company since the 1920s switched soon to production in USA. Later in the 1970s the majority of Jobey pipes were manufactured in St Claude, France and more sophisticated and exquisite freehand “Jobey Danks” were made in Denmark, most probably by Karl Erik Ottendahl. The “Stromboli” series is especially recognizable and appreciated by collectors: such a ruthless rust in conjunction with colorful acrylic mouthpieces can not be confused with anything else!

The pipe markings are “JOBEY” (on the stem), “Stromboli”, “120”. The length is 14.7 cm (5.79″), bowl’s height is 4.6 cm (1.81″). External diameter of the bowl is 4.0 cm (1.57″), internal diameter is 2.1 cm (0.83″). The depth is 3.8 cm (1.5″) and this pipe weights 42 gr. Briar, acrylic stem, no filter.

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