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Invicta began as a pipe repair service (“Medway Briars”). The careful choice of material, successful market policy and the experienced with Dunhill and Charatan carvers made the company one of the live legends of British briar. Invicta pipes is a product of cooperation of three masters – Colin Fromm (Charatan’s, Dunhill), Bill Ashton-Taylor (Dunhill, Ashton) and Les Woods (Dunhill, Ashton, Ferndown). The pipe was made most probably in 1970s, when Medway pipe repair started own production already, but the company name was not Invicta yet.

The pipe markings are “MEDWAY”. The length is 12.7 cm, bowl’s height is 3.8 cm. External and internal diameters of the bowl are 4.0 cm and 1.9 cm. The depth is 2.7 cm and this pipe weights 40 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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  1. David Tester

    I am proud owner of an Invicta pipe bought from a maker in Rochester Kent. I have unfortunately bitten through the mouth piece and need a new one. Can you help me with an address?

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