G.W. SIMS Pickaxe

G.W. SIMS Pickaxe

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England, 1960-70s

G.W. Sims (just the modest G.W., though some consider that he was George) is known from the first half of the XX century, and the first pipes of the artisan (and at times a repairman) were marked even more modestly – “GWS”. According to some sources, G. W. used to work for Charatan’s (that is clearly visible on some Sims pipes) and also is not excluded that for Barling as well. But finally he found himself as an independent tobacconist and an owner of a little shop in Northern London, which existed till 1980. “G.W. Sims was one of the few English pipe makers who produced Danish style freehands carved from specially selected plateaux briar. Mr. Sims willingly made pipes to personal specifications”. (Pipedia). Some customers made a long way from other English cities to purchase wonderful G.W. Sims pipes for a collection.

The pipe comes from 1960s and most probably was made to a customers personal specification and desires – the pickaxe shape looks not very “charatanish”. But it’s perhaps the most refined pickaxe pipe we met ever – a work of art indeed!

​​The pipe markings are “G.W. Sims \ LONDON MADE”. The length is 13.5 cm (5.31″), bowl’s height is 6.9 cm (2.72″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.5 cm (1.38″), internal diameter is 1.8 cm (0.71″). The depth is 4.1 cm (1.61″) and this pipe weights 49 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter. The chamber has moderately smoked wear with some scratches and roughness but without any major issues. The bowl had a few chips carefully and reliably patched during the restoration.

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