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USA, 1980-83

“It is my desire to create sensual pipes, beautifully grained that are pleasing to the eye. I work with only the rarest of briar burls that are seasoned in a manner that allows for a minimal break in period and a very smooth smoking pipe. The briar grows in the wild and there is a remarkable difference in grain between each block . This variance of grain together with the myriad of designs in my mind and the nature of the work, makes for truly one of a kind pipes. The essence of my work is in the creation of sculpted smoking instruments that are functional pieces of art”.

Elliot Nachwalter is one of the most respected and collectable modern American pipe makers who is strongly commited to the pipe design and the pipe as a piece of art idea. Contrary to the traditional and utilitarian American approach Elliot is thinking and talking about sensuality of pipes, the infinite space of shapes variations and grain patterns and uniqueness of each pipe created in collaboration of the nature and a human.

The pipe from the early 1980s when Elliot had a shop in New York where he designed and made pipes for numerous customers visited from around the World. It was the time of the highest creativity and extreme efforts which demanded an incredible amount of energy. Therefore after the New York period Elliot Nachwalter has even stopped making pipes for a few years.

A real wonder of the artisans design! Highly recommended!

The pipe markings are “PIPEWORKS \ NEW YORK CITY \ U.S.A.”, “MADE BY HAND \ ELLIOTT NACHWALTER”, “82”. The length is 16.4 cm (6.46″), bowl’s height is 4.8 cm (1.89″). External dimensions of the bowl are 4.9 x 5.0 cm (1.93 x 1.97″), internal diameter is 2.4 cm (0.94″). The depth is 4.0 cm (1.57″) and this pipe weights 50 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

  1. Milton Jones

    Very nice Nachwalter! I have one similar to this one that I found at an estate sale. Lots of compliments received on it. Unsmoked and it will remain so since I do not smoke, just collect.

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