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England, 1962

Among with the Duhill ODA Dunhill LB (LBS) series is rather a designation for a very specific, large, at times – chubby billiard shape. According to John C. Loring “Dunhill introduced the LB shortly following the end of World War I and the shape soon became one of, if not the most popular. The principal attributes of the shape, a thick shank and ‘applish billiard’ bowl are found at inception and for the great most part consistently thereafter. ” Most experts believe the “LB” abbreviation stands for the “Large Billiard” and “LBS” – “Large Billiard Slender”. A highly collectable sample!

The pipe markings are “LBS F/T”, “DUNHILL \ SHELL BRIAR”, “MADE IN \ ENGLAND 2”, “(4) S”. The length is 14.4 cm (5.67″), bowl’s height is 5.0 cm (1.97″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.7 cm (1.46″), internal diameter is 2.3 cm (0.9″). The depth is 4.3 cm (1.69″) and this pipe weights 45 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter. Under a good light you may notice a very small gap between the stem and the shank (less than a millimeter), but the stem itself sits absolutely reliable. The chamber looks to be slightly off center.

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