DUNHILL Red Bark 197, 1970s

DUNHILL Red Bark 197, 1970s

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England, 1970s

Red Bark is perhaps the best-known and valued Dunhill series among other “retired”. The Red Bark pipes were produced not for a long time – from 1972 to 1987, and in fact, they are traditional sandblasted Dunhills, but smokers and collectors are still attracted by these pipes and their unusual staining. By the way, the color was also a subject to experiment – in some years Red Barks were brighter, later – darker again. Although we can’t identify the production year, it’s indeed a nice and affordable example of Dunhill’s art of pipes!

The pipe markings are “197”,”DUNHILL \ RED BARK”, “MADE IN \ ENGLAND “. The length is 15.4 cm (6.06″), bowl’s height is 4.2 cm (1.65″). External diameter of the bowl is 3.1 cm (1.22″), internal diameter is 1.9 cm (0.75″). The depth is 3.7 cm (1.46”) and this pipe weights 27 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter. The chamber has been protected with a break-in coat. The stem is newly made of the fresh piece of vulcanite so we can consider the pipe as a “partially unsmoked” :-).

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