DUNHILL Chestnut 310931

DUNHILL Chestnut 310931

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England, 1983

Year 1983. USSR has stuck in Afganistan. UK fights for Maldives. Pink Floyd just released it’s last common album where they’ve mentioned Brezhnev (for Afganistan), Begin (for Beirut) and Mrs. Thatcher (you know what for). USSR immediately bans all Pink Floyd discs. “Apple” gets a new top manager (Mr. Scully from Pepsi). Authors of this site are pupils of 4th form in a school and don’t have any idea of Pink Floyd, of a forthcoming frequent replacements of Soviet leaders and of what will happen in 30 years to their motherland. And yes, no idea indeed how many iPhones will be sold per capita in 2014.

Alfred Dunhill’s company remains a rare example of a peace and stability and continues making their crazy popular “gadgets”. Dunhill Chestnut was also introduced exactly in the 1983 to supplement their fresh Cumberland line. As of today Chestnuts are quite rare and collectable, there are not many pipes of this mark available, especially of such a nice “canadian” shape.

The pipe markings are “DUNHILL CHESTNUT”, “MADE IN \ ENGLAND 23”, “31091”. The lenghts is 13.8 cm, bowl’s hight is 4.5 cm. External and internal diameters of the bowl are 2.8 cm and 1.9 cm. The depth is 3.7 cm and this pipe weights 32 gr. Briar, cumberland stem, no filter. The tobacco chamber is cleaned till wood.

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