COMOY'S Tigers Eye 483

COMOY’S Tigers Eye 483

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Smoking process -if it goes correctly – is slow and almost static. Therefore probably “the animal subject” in marking of pipes is very moderate and conservative. There’s of course such extreme shape as a “cobra” (very effectively implemented by Gasparini). There’s Falcon, there is a number of sparrows, roosters, geese and owls. You can meet horses, elephants and moths. Not so many cats: Canadian “Cat’s Paw”, “cat’s” logos at Brishuta and Ken, and a couple of lions.

Comoy’s with its variety of shapes and models decided to occupy a “tigerish” niche. Definitely we couldn’t pass by their “Tigers eye” pipe. We suppose the reason for being a “tiger” comes from this grain. The pipe is approximately from the 1960-70s, was very lightly smoked and remains in all its beauty.

The pipe markings are “COMOY’S \ TIGERS EYE”, “MADE \ IN \ LONDON \ ENGLAND”, “483”. The length is 13.5 cm, bowl’s hight is 4.2 cm. External and internal diameters of the bowl are 2.6 cm and 2.1 cm. The depth is 3.5 cm and this pipe weights 31 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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  1. Louis Maxwell

    I have found a gorgeous Comoys Tigers Eye Pipe… I was wondering if I sent you pics you could help me identify it and value it…. It’s all original… Louis

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