COMOY'S Grand Slam 398C

COMOY’S Grand Slam 398C

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England, 1950-70s

The pipe of the one of the most popular and respected pre-Cadogan Comoy’s grades. This attractive bulldog was made during the 1950-70s period (see the nomenclature and the 3-part (inlaid) “C” on the stem). 

The pipe markings are “COMOY’S \ GRAND SLAM \ PIPE”, “MADE \ IN \ LONDON \ ENGLAND”, “398C”, “*7”. The length is 14.5 cm, bowl’s hight is 3.9 cm. External and internal diameters of the bowl are 4.5 cm and 2.1 cm. The depth is 2.9 cm and this pipe weights 34 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter. The chamber has been protected with the break-in coat. 

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