Canberra London Made

Canberra London Made

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We have a suspicion that the pipe was born in 1979 when a carver saw the “Alien” movie for the first time. Of course, it’s a joke, but the pipe’s shape is extraterrestrial indeed. By the way, we have met a Sasieni one of the same shape recently.

The pipe was obtained accidentally as a “noname”. And only after it’s cleaning the nomenclature and (what a pity!) a small crack on the top of bowl were revealed. Everything else with this John Redman’s creature is fine and fantastic! 🙂

The marking is “Canberra London Made”. The maximal lengtр is 16.0 cm, the maximal hight of the bowl – 5.8 cm. The external and inner diameters are correspondingly 4.8 and 2.6 cm. The pipe weights 67 gr. Briar, vulcanite stem.

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