Bewlay Popular 156

Bewlay Popular 156

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“Hello, BWM? This is “Holosiivsky” auto selling center calling. Could you please produce a batch of sedans for us and please don’t put any “BMW” logos – just the name of our shop please. Yes, one week would be fine, will look forward. Bye!”

Such a strange situation, isn’t it? Not for pipe manufacturers! Especially if it’s about Astley or Bewlay – every pipe company would be proud to carve and brand pipes for such customers.

There were three suppliers for the Bewlay pipe stores chain – Barling, Charatan and Loewe. All of them are the very old and eminent English pipe makers. Our pipe is an almost ideal copy of the Loewe Redcar billiard, therefore we don’t have any doubt about it’s birth place. The birth date is 1950s the latest. After that the Bewlay chain was acquired by Imperial Tobacco.

The markings are “Bewlay Popular” and “156”. The pipe is 14.6 cm long, 4.7 cm tall and weights 34 gr. The bowl’s external diameter is 3.3 cm, inner – 2.3 cm, inner depth – 3.7 cm. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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